Mama Massage for Wellness Week 2011!

I have some exciting news!  One of my favorite massage therapists, Heather Kading, has opened a second office at Waddle n Swaddle Poughkeepsie!!!  She will be there on Mondays and Tuesdays – for times and appointments call Heather at 845-485-6820.

To celebrate Wellness Week, Heather is offering a $50 one hour massage!  That is a huge savings and is only available March 21 – 22, 2011.  So book your appointment today!

Check out my post: RELAXED MAMA for Mama’s glowing review!


Mommy’s Tummy

So when I was growing big and strong in Mama’s tummy, some of her muscles seperated.  It is called a diastasis recti.   (I know, big fancy words … my friend Chase taught me all about it!)   Most Mama’s have this seperation and it can cause a lot of problems.  So what can she do about it?  Go see Heather from Hands On Massage & Wellness!!!!  She has this program called Mummy Tummy to help Mama get her pre-baby belly back.

Mama did it when I was 7 months old and it really made a difference.  She did these easy exercises (and yes I mean EASY) and wore this splint around her belly.  In just a week – she saw results.  The entire program is only 6 weeks and is good for any Mama (no matter how long ago she had her baby)!

Want more info?  Check out the free info session this weekend @ Waddle n Swaddle Poughkeepsie.  10 am – 12 pm   Saturday 2/19.  Yes, you heard me … FREE.  So just stop by and check it out!


Here is the post from Heather’s Facebook page:

If you have a mummy tummy or pooch or low back pain, you may have a Diastasis Recti, a separation of the outermost abdominal muscle. Most women get this while pregnant from the pressure of the growing uterus and it does not heal on its own. FREE info session on Sat. 2/19 from 10am-12noon at Waddle N Swaddle in Poughkeepsie.

via Hands On Massage & Wellness.

Relaxed Mama

Every Mama deserves a little time to herself.   She needs to relax and recharge her batteries to be the best Mama she can be.   And my Mama is no different!

So yesterday I decided to hang out with Dada and let Mama go out without me.  She went for a massage with Heather at Hands On Massage and Wellness.  The 60 minutes therapeutic massage was the perfect combination of pampering and stress reducing, muscle therapy.    She came home a new Mama – relaxed and rejuvenated!

Hands On Massage and Wellness was created by Heather, my buddy Chase’s Mama.  She specializes in prenatal and postpartum massage and since having Chase a year ago, can really relate to the needs of the Mama.  So what are you waiting for?  Call your Nana and Papa, your Smauntie, or book a date with your Dada, and give your Mama a break TODAY!

Note from Mama:  Hands on Massage and Wellness is located at Gold’s Gym in Poughkeepsie.  Why is this so great?  There is a daycare on site!  So now there is NO excuse not to give yourself a little pampering.

Cole’s Corner Contest: I am excited to announce that Cole’s Corner has its first giveaway!  A $25 gift certificate to Hands on Massage and Wellness!!  What do you have to do to win?  Subscribe to Cole’s Corner (join the Crew!) and I will randomly pick a winner on Monday December 20th. (Want an extra entry?  Subscribe to Hands On Massage’s newsletter at or post a comment on their Facebook page) Good LUCK!