Snot Sucker

Inspection of the NoseFrida

Mama has decided recently that her current form of boogie extraction (a.k.a. torture)  is not up to her standards.  So she has purchased the NoseFrida, a funny looking contraption made in Sweden.  What makes it so special?  It has things long tube that, when sucked, extracts the boogies from my nose.  It sounds weird, and it kinda is, but it works.  Mama reassures me that she cannot suck too hard, pull my brains out or hurt me in any way.   My nose is then clear for whatever foreign object I want to put up there next. I just have one question, if my nose is meant to be free of boogies, why does Mama call it a snot box?

A Note From Mama:   Although I was skeptical of the snot sucker, I have recently grown to love it.  It is super easy to clean (use a bottle brush) and seems to get the job done.  Do I think it is for everyone? No. (My husband will watch me do it, but is too grossed out to do it himself.)  Would I say it was satisfying? No, but I would call it gratifying!  Do I think it is worth a try during cold and flu season?  YOU BET!!!