WnS Sale Going on NOW!!!

Waddle n Swaddle is having a sale!!!  30% off some of their BEST PRODUCTS!  Check out their Facebook page for up to date info!

Products on sale are different at each store, so make sure to check out both.  Some of the products are:



Beary Warm Mitts

As the temperature drops, keep those little hands warm with Bearhands & Buddies mittens.  These polar fleece, Thinsulate lined, over-sized mittens are  pawfect for these cold winter days!    With a cute paw shape and design, your infant and toddler won’t want to take them off!  They are easy to get on, have extra room for fingers to wiggle, and sport tiny paw design grips.  These are the only mittens baby will ever need!

Bearhands & Buddies mittens are available in three sizes from infant to child (and even have Mama sized ones, too)!   These paws are available in many great colors to compliment any snowsuit. (I love my bright orange! Mama can always find them in my diaper bag!)

Want to make sure those mittens stay on?  Bearhands & Buddies make mitten clips to keep those paws on your little hands!  A perfect addition!

A Note From Mama:   I cannot say enough about these mittens.  Cole is happy to let me put them on him and (even more important)he keeps them on!  They keep him warm and toasty while running errands or while playing in the snow with Dada.  Unfortunately, I am not as happy with the Bearhands & Buddies mitten clips.  They are difficult to get on and not easy to wear.  The metal clips scratched his wrists and made him want to take them off.  So I would only recommend the clips for older paws!

Milk Mama 101

Like all babies, I was born to breastfeed.  I entered this world knowing exactly what I wanted and Mama was there to provide for me.

How did she know what to do?  She took a class – Breastfeeding Essentials – from a Certified Lactation Counselor.  In this class Mama learned the importance of breastfeeding, how to latch me properly and many other helpful tips and tricks to successful nursing.  This class, along with a postpartum private session, was an invaluable resource that helped Mama be the best breastfeeding mom she could be!

Breastfeeding Essentials is taught by Jenn Sullivan, CLC and owner of Waddle n Swaddle.   With over three years of lactation teaching experience and having nursed her own two children, she is a wealth of information.

This class can be taken any time during pregnancy and Mama should definitely bring Dada.   He will be able to ask questions and fully understand his role as the support person.  (Mama will need a lot of support and encouragement!)

Can’t make it to a class?  Already breastfeeding but need some help?  Jenn is available for private classes and appointments both in store or in home.  Check out her website for further details.  www.waddlenswaddle.com



Let me start by saying that if you only ask for one toy this holiday season, this is it!

Sophie the Giraffe, by Vulli, is the ‘perfect’ toy.  Why does Mama love it?  It is made of all natural rubber and colored with food paint, while also being phthalates and BPA free.   Why do I love it?  It is lightweight, soft, cute, squeaky, fun, chewable, easy to hold . . . I could go on and on!  I don’t go anywhere without this adorable teething toy 🙂

Sophie is great for every baby: the newborn who uses it as a pacifier, the infant who is teething and the toddler who needs a toy to bring everywhere (Sophie is easy to keep clean!).

So ask Santa or get a Sophie for every baby on your list Holiday list!

Tip from a pro:  Use a toy strap or links to keep Sophie within reach and off the ground!  But if she ends up taking a spill, just hand wash her in the sink and she is ready to play!

Butt Glue

Although I think some things should be kept private, I couldn’t help but share my latest troubles. For the past few days I have been suffering from diaper rash. My mom has been diligently applying the white stuff, with no improvement. So I asked my buddy Griffin, from Waddle n Swaddle, and he swears by Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. It is an all natural, organic, certified vegan, cruelty-free, and clinically tested super balm that will heal your rash in no time! (Mama has nicknamed it ‘butt glue’. Without it, I seem to fall apart!) After using it for only 24 hours, I not only am cured of my red butt, but my diaper smells nice (well … until I fill it up again!).

Did you know?:  Angel Baby Bottom Balm is great for minor first aid!  Works great on dry skin, too!