Mama Massage for Wellness Week 2011!

I have some exciting news!  One of my favorite massage therapists, Heather Kading, has opened a second office at Waddle n Swaddle Poughkeepsie!!!  She will be there on Mondays and Tuesdays – for times and appointments call Heather at 845-485-6820.

To celebrate Wellness Week, Heather is offering a $50 one hour massage!  That is a huge savings and is only available March 21 – 22, 2011.  So book your appointment today!

Check out my post: RELAXED MAMA for Mama’s glowing review!


Drinks on me

Literally.  All over.  And not in a good way.

I want to drink like a big kid, out of a cup, but I always seem to spill more than I swallow.  So Mama went in search of a solution.  Sugar Booger by ORE created a big boy cup with a spouted lid, making it easier for me to do it by myself.  This ‘sippy cup’ doesn’t make you sip or suck, just tip it and drink.  Free flowing.  Just like a big kid.

It is a durable melamine 6 oz cup, with two easy to hold handles and a super cute design.  The cup can be used with or without the plastic lid.  And they fit so nicely together that this sippy cup is leak free!!!  Yes I said it, LEAK FREE.  (But don’t worry, I can still tip it upside down and ‘water’ my tray with no problem!)

A Note From Mama: Finding the perfect sippy cup is hard.   So many fall short of my expectations … and I am not asking for a lot.  All I want is a lightweight, easy to hold, cute, leak free cup that Cole can’t chip the paint off of.  And so far, Sugar Booger has created a cup that fits the bill!

WnS Sale Going on NOW!!!

Waddle n Swaddle is having a sale!!!  30% off some of their BEST PRODUCTS!  Check out their Facebook page for up to date info!

Products on sale are different at each store, so make sure to check out both.  Some of the products are:


Mommy’s Tummy

So when I was growing big and strong in Mama’s tummy, some of her muscles seperated.  It is called a diastasis recti.   (I know, big fancy words … my friend Chase taught me all about it!)   Most Mama’s have this seperation and it can cause a lot of problems.  So what can she do about it?  Go see Heather from Hands On Massage & Wellness!!!!  She has this program called Mummy Tummy to help Mama get her pre-baby belly back.

Mama did it when I was 7 months old and it really made a difference.  She did these easy exercises (and yes I mean EASY) and wore this splint around her belly.  In just a week – she saw results.  The entire program is only 6 weeks and is good for any Mama (no matter how long ago she had her baby)!

Want more info?  Check out the free info session this weekend @ Waddle n Swaddle Poughkeepsie.  10 am – 12 pm   Saturday 2/19.  Yes, you heard me … FREE.  So just stop by and check it out!


Here is the post from Heather’s Facebook page:

If you have a mummy tummy or pooch or low back pain, you may have a Diastasis Recti, a separation of the outermost abdominal muscle. Most women get this while pregnant from the pressure of the growing uterus and it does not heal on its own. FREE info session on Sat. 2/19 from 10am-12noon at Waddle N Swaddle in Poughkeepsie.

via Hands On Massage & Wellness.

Milk Mama 101

Like all babies, I was born to breastfeed.  I entered this world knowing exactly what I wanted and Mama was there to provide for me.

How did she know what to do?  She took a class – Breastfeeding Essentials – from a Certified Lactation Counselor.  In this class Mama learned the importance of breastfeeding, how to latch me properly and many other helpful tips and tricks to successful nursing.  This class, along with a postpartum private session, was an invaluable resource that helped Mama be the best breastfeeding mom she could be!

Breastfeeding Essentials is taught by Jenn Sullivan, CLC and owner of Waddle n Swaddle.   With over three years of lactation teaching experience and having nursed her own two children, she is a wealth of information.

This class can be taken any time during pregnancy and Mama should definitely bring Dada.   He will be able to ask questions and fully understand his role as the support person.  (Mama will need a lot of support and encouragement!)

Can’t make it to a class?  Already breastfeeding but need some help?  Jenn is available for private classes and appointments both in store or in home.  Check out her website for further details.