Beary Warm Mitts

As the temperature drops, keep those little hands warm with Bearhands & Buddies mittens.  These polar fleece, Thinsulate lined, over-sized mittens are  pawfect for these cold winter days!    With a cute paw shape and design, your infant and toddler won’t want to take them off!  They are easy to get on, have extra room for fingers to wiggle, and sport tiny paw design grips.  These are the only mittens baby will ever need!

Bearhands & Buddies mittens are available in three sizes from infant to child (and even have Mama sized ones, too)!   These paws are available in many great colors to compliment any snowsuit. (I love my bright orange! Mama can always find them in my diaper bag!)

Want to make sure those mittens stay on?  Bearhands & Buddies make mitten clips to keep those paws on your little hands!  A perfect addition!

A Note From Mama:   I cannot say enough about these mittens.  Cole is happy to let me put them on him and (even more important)he keeps them on!  They keep him warm and toasty while running errands or while playing in the snow with Dada.  Unfortunately, I am not as happy with the Bearhands & Buddies mitten clips.  They are difficult to get on and not easy to wear.  The metal clips scratched his wrists and made him want to take them off.  So I would only recommend the clips for older paws!


Milk Mama 101

Like all babies, I was born to breastfeed.  I entered this world knowing exactly what I wanted and Mama was there to provide for me.

How did she know what to do?  She took a class – Breastfeeding Essentials – from a Certified Lactation Counselor.  In this class Mama learned the importance of breastfeeding, how to latch me properly and many other helpful tips and tricks to successful nursing.  This class, along with a postpartum private session, was an invaluable resource that helped Mama be the best breastfeeding mom she could be!

Breastfeeding Essentials is taught by Jenn Sullivan, CLC and owner of Waddle n Swaddle.   With over three years of lactation teaching experience and having nursed her own two children, she is a wealth of information.

This class can be taken any time during pregnancy and Mama should definitely bring Dada.   He will be able to ask questions and fully understand his role as the support person.  (Mama will need a lot of support and encouragement!)

Can’t make it to a class?  Already breastfeeding but need some help?  Jenn is available for private classes and appointments both in store or in home.  Check out her website for further details.

Stuffed Stockings

Here are a few more things on my list . . .

Kid O Stack

Sugar Booger Sippy Cup

Pippalily Toy Strap

Beaba Spoons

Tickety Bu Bitey Bu

And don’t forget about Mama!

Mommy Hook

Even Santa needs a little help, so shop LOCAL! Everything is available at Waddle n Swaddle (

DIY Babyfood Guide

Mama was terrified to start solid foods when I turned 6 months old.  She had become a pro at breastfeeding, even supporting other Milk Mamas.  But solid foods?  A total mystery.  (And to top it all off, Mama wanted to try to feed me only homemade food….)  So Mama started by taking a class, buying all the equipment and reading books and blogs.  And even after weeks of preparation, she still felt unprepared.

Once again, cousin Isabella came to the rescue.  She and her Mama highly recommended The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler by Lisa Barnes.  And can I just say – WHAT A MAMA SAVER!  This book is not only a baby food cookbook, but a how-to guide.

Barnes starts by explaining why homemade (and organic) is the way to go,  how to buy and stock the pantry, and simplifies the necessary cooking techniques.  She then illustrates an easy to follow chart of what foods I can eat at what stage.  The recipes then follow this chart, so Mama always knows if  a meal is right for me.  Every recipe also has nutrition information, helpful tips and tricks, any modifications available, and (the best of all) the allergy information.

Who would I recommend this book to?  Every Mama.  Even if she knows all there is to know about baby food, the recipes are tasty!  (Although nothing seems to help Mama’s carrots….) The Petit Appetit is a great addition to the baby library!

A Note From Mama:  Not every source is perfect.  It is important to make your own decisions and do what you feel is best for YOUR baby! (Please consult a pediatrician before starting solid foods.  And wait until 6 months!)

Not just for diapers anymore

Unless clothing diapering is your thing, you probably don’t have a wet bag.  My question is, why not?

MFD Wet Bag

Let me explain.  A wet bag is a cloth bag with a leak proof  inner liner.  It is designed to keep odor and wetness from getting in or out.  These bags are a staple in every cloth diapering household.  So why do I have some?

My cousin, Isabella, first introduced Mama and I to the wonderful world of wet bags.  She gave me a few different sizes and suggested some great uses for them.  The smaller, I use for my cheerios.  (Think of it as an eco-friendly sandwich bag.)  The larger, I use for everything else!  (Dirty clothes, used burp cloths, open babyfood jars, filled sippy cups, etc.) There really is no end to the creative ways you can use a wet bag.

While there are many brands out there, may I recommend my favorite –  Monkey Foot Designs. MFD makes wet bags in 4 different sizes to fit anything and everything.  They are all available in fabulous patterns with a coordinating strap (perfect for hanging on the bathroom hook or on the stroller handle)!  The liner is anti-microbial, non-allergenic, fire-retardant and non- toxic, while still being ultra leak-proof.  And to top it all off, all of the bags are machine wash and dry.  Need I say more?

Tip from a pro: Don’t forget to use a wet bag to keep things clean and dry!  We used it on the beach for cameras and cell phones to keep the sand and water out!

Note from Mama:  I am so absolutely in love with MFD wet bags, that I am looking into their other products.  Cole and I will keep you posted on our latest finds from MFD.  (A double pocket wet bag?)