An inflatable booster seat for the over 4 crowd. Folds flat, has it’s own bag and is easy to use. A great option for traveling when using a taxi or rental car as it ‘installs’ in seconds. (DO NOT use on the airplane!) A MUST HAVE for every carpooler- send it to school with your kid and know that they will be buckled in safely!

For more information: bubblebum.co/us

Available at: buybuybaby.com


Breastfeeding “nurse in” set for Westfield Trumbull

Thanks LLL for sharing!


Metoo Seat – Spilling the Beans

Even though I have been neglecting my own blog, I do try to keep up on news. Last Friday there was a warning issued about the Phil&Teds Metoo seat. Now since I don’t have one, I cannot personally comment, but I thought it was important to share some info.
This is a link to one of my favorite blogs, giving the lowdown on this latest product controversy.

So… let’s spill the beans …..