Drinks on me

Literally.  All over.  And not in a good way.

I want to drink like a big kid, out of a cup, but I always seem to spill more than I swallow.  So Mama went in search of a solution.  Sugar Booger by ORE created a big boy cup with a spouted lid, making it easier for me to do it by myself.  This ‘sippy cup’ doesn’t make you sip or suck, just tip it and drink.  Free flowing.  Just like a big kid.

It is a durable melamine 6 oz cup, with two easy to hold handles and a super cute design.  The cup can be used with or without the plastic lid.  And they fit so nicely together that this sippy cup is leak free!!!  Yes I said it, LEAK FREE.  (But don’t worry, I can still tip it upside down and ‘water’ my tray with no problem!)

A Note From Mama: Finding the perfect sippy cup is hard.   So many fall short of my expectations … and I am not asking for a lot.  All I want is a lightweight, easy to hold, cute, leak free cup that Cole can’t chip the paint off of.  And so far, Sugar Booger has created a cup that fits the bill!


One thought on “Drinks on me

  1. I found these a few months ago and love them, and you know that says a lot from someone determined to avoid sippy cups completely. They’re very easy for Mason to handle, and he does better with it since the spout is free-flowing. I like that he’ll have a cute cup to use even when he doesn’t need the sippy top.

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