Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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~For my second Valentine’s Day I got to do something special: stay home SICK with Dada!  We have both been sick for the past 3 days.  What started out as a little stomach bug seems to have turned into (what looks like) the flu.  Poor Mama has been taking good care of us day and  night.  And to thank her, I promise to be a good boy this weekend so Mama can get out for some much-needed alone time.  (Mama out = a night with Nana, Papa Pete and SMAUNTIE!  I think I am more excited than Mama!)


~Since I am sick, it is important for me to drink as much as possible … So why not have the best stuff on earth?  MAMA MILK!!!  Breastmilk has always been my drink of choice and now is no exception.  I have worked hard to keep Mama’s supply up and am now nursing every 2 hours.  Sound like a lot?  It is!  But as the Dr told us today, it is keeping me hydrated enough to stay out of the hospital!  Mama Milk SAVES THE DAY! (Not the first time and won’t be the last!)  So thanks Mama for always giving me the best 🙂


One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I was about to comment just that – one more reason that breastfeeding is so wonderful. I hope you are feelin better Cole. Just be gentle on Momma’s boobie!

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