To Grandma’s House We Go – Part 1

Traveling to Grandma’s house for the first time was great, but a lot of work.  I wanted to share what I have learned –  a few posts on what worked and what didn’t, what to pack, what to do, and what to avoid.  Hope it is helpful!  Safe Travels 🙂

Airport Security

First thing I would recommend is to check out the TSA website.  It is full of useful information when it comes to traveling.  Check it out for the most up-to-date rules and regulations before you even book your next flight!

Once your flight is booked, here is a few recommendations for packing and getting through security:

  • Breastmilk is allowed (even when Mama is traveling without her nursling) and not limited by amount.
  • Juice is allowed, but NOT water.  So if your babe likes water in their juice it needs to be pre-mixed or bought afterwards.
  • Babyfood is also allowed!
  • Mama needs to remove any carrier she is wearing (even a Moby!)
  • Baby shoes also need to be removed (even your Stonz Booties)
  • Carseats  (always gate check!) don’t always fit in the x-ray machine.  Reclining it all the way might help.  If it still doesn’t fit, they will take it to the side and take it apart.  Knowing how your seat works can really help!
  • Put your stroller on the belt first so it will be on the other side waiting to hold the little squirm!
  • Make sure to only pack what you will need!  (Mama had a hard time with this one!)

One thought on “To Grandma’s House We Go – Part 1

  1. I didn’t have to take my Moby off to get through security and Lily was IN it! I guess it depends on the airport, but I went through quite a few big ones. Traveling w/ little ones is such a challenge!

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