DIY Babyfood Guide

Mama was terrified to start solid foods when I turned 6 months old.  She had become a pro at breastfeeding, even supporting other Milk Mamas.  But solid foods?  A total mystery.  (And to top it all off, Mama wanted to try to feed me only homemade food….)  So Mama started by taking a class, buying all the equipment and reading books and blogs.  And even after weeks of preparation, she still felt unprepared.

Once again, cousin Isabella came to the rescue.  She and her Mama highly recommended The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler by Lisa Barnes.  And can I just say – WHAT A MAMA SAVER!  This book is not only a baby food cookbook, but a how-to guide.

Barnes starts by explaining why homemade (and organic) is the way to go,  how to buy and stock the pantry, and simplifies the necessary cooking techniques.  She then illustrates an easy to follow chart of what foods I can eat at what stage.  The recipes then follow this chart, so Mama always knows if  a meal is right for me.  Every recipe also has nutrition information, helpful tips and tricks, any modifications available, and (the best of all) the allergy information.

Who would I recommend this book to?  Every Mama.  Even if she knows all there is to know about baby food, the recipes are tasty!  (Although nothing seems to help Mama’s carrots….) The Petit Appetit is a great addition to the baby library!

A Note From Mama:  Not every source is perfect.  It is important to make your own decisions and do what you feel is best for YOUR baby! (Please consult a pediatrician before starting solid foods.  And wait until 6 months!)


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