Not just for diapers anymore

Unless clothing diapering is your thing, you probably don’t have a wet bag.  My question is, why not?

MFD Wet Bag

Let me explain.  A wet bag is a cloth bag with a leak proof  inner liner.  It is designed to keep odor and wetness from getting in or out.  These bags are a staple in every cloth diapering household.  So why do I have some?

My cousin, Isabella, first introduced Mama and I to the wonderful world of wet bags.  She gave me a few different sizes and suggested some great uses for them.  The smaller, I use for my cheerios.  (Think of it as an eco-friendly sandwich bag.)  The larger, I use for everything else!  (Dirty clothes, used burp cloths, open babyfood jars, filled sippy cups, etc.) There really is no end to the creative ways you can use a wet bag.

While there are many brands out there, may I recommend my favorite –  Monkey Foot Designs. MFD makes wet bags in 4 different sizes to fit anything and everything.  They are all available in fabulous patterns with a coordinating strap (perfect for hanging on the bathroom hook or on the stroller handle)!  The liner is anti-microbial, non-allergenic, fire-retardant and non- toxic, while still being ultra leak-proof.  And to top it all off, all of the bags are machine wash and dry.  Need I say more?

Tip from a pro: Don’t forget to use a wet bag to keep things clean and dry!  We used it on the beach for cameras and cell phones to keep the sand and water out!

Note from Mama:  I am so absolutely in love with MFD wet bags, that I am looking into their other products.  Cole and I will keep you posted on our latest finds from MFD.  (A double pocket wet bag?)


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