Bottle Battle

In our search for the perfect bottle and sippy, Mama has purchased one of almost every brand on the market.  I guess she just hasn’t found what she is looking for.  And it looks like the search will continue . . .


She recently got me the Pura Kiki Bottle, the 9oz sippy spout version.  Immediately I feel in love.  The spout is super soft, easy to drink out of and fun to bite.  (And don’t worry if you already have a favored nipple, this bottle can fit your favorite from most major brands.)  The stainless steel bottle fits nicely in my hands and isn’t too heavy for me to use by myself.  So, like I said before, I really like this sippy bottle!

Unfortunately, Mama doesn’t like it as much as I do.  She has a few concerns she wanted me to share.  One of them is that the stainless steel bottle takes on the temperature of the liquid inside. This means that cute little hands get chilly drinking cold water!   (And definitely don’t leave it in the car on a cold day!)  The second, and most important is that while the Kiki is available in a few fun colors, the paint does not stay on.  I bit the bottom of the bottle  and took off some paint the first time I used it.  Now Mama won’t let me play with it, so what is the point of having it?


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