Let me start by saying that if you only ask for one toy this holiday season, this is it!

Sophie the Giraffe, by Vulli, is the ‘perfect’ toy.  Why does Mama love it?  It is made of all natural rubber and colored with food paint, while also being phthalates and BPA free.   Why do I love it?  It is lightweight, soft, cute, squeaky, fun, chewable, easy to hold . . . I could go on and on!  I don’t go anywhere without this adorable teething toy 🙂

Sophie is great for every baby: the newborn who uses it as a pacifier, the infant who is teething and the toddler who needs a toy to bring everywhere (Sophie is easy to keep clean!).

So ask Santa or get a Sophie for every baby on your list Holiday list!

Tip from a pro:  Use a toy strap or links to keep Sophie within reach and off the ground!  But if she ends up taking a spill, just hand wash her in the sink and she is ready to play!


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