Cold Weather Booties

Stonz Booties

Since the snow is falling on this chilly December day,  I feel it only appropriate to tell you about my new boots!

Stonz Booties are soft, rubberized, and skid resistant soled  boots that can be worn alone, with socks, shoes, slippers or Stonz Linerz.   They are wind and water-resistant to keep cute feet warm and dry no matter what the weather.   Two adjustable toggles hold these great looking boots on my feet, no matter how hard I try to take them off.  And with a wide opening, Mama is able to get them on my feet no matter how much I squirm.  So thanks to these cold weather booties, I will never go barefoot again! (I have a ‘thing’ for taking off my socks and shoes.  FREE THE PIGGIES!)

showing off the boots!

Note from Mama:   I wish I had these when Cole was born!  I wouldn’t have had to constantly fight to keep his feet covered!  And Linerz are a MUST HAVE for the super cold days. (They booties come in a range of sizes from newborn to 2.5 years, but I would really recommend them for the infant through the early-walker. )


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